It's Alive!

by Dee J Nelson

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jose correa This is simply one of the best instrumental albums I have listened to in my whole life!!! Favorite track: Pound of Flesh.
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TDI This album had a similar effect on me to the first time I heard The Surfing with the Alien album by Satriani. It's different and full of interesting sounds and textures and a maybe getting a little weird at times, but overall fascinating. I have been listening to nothing but this album since I bought it and I just can't get enough. Favorite track: Tin Man March.


released November 22, 2011

All music written by Dee J Nelson

All guitars, bass, drum programming, synth and sound design by Dee J Nelson with the exception of the following guest performers:

Mike McCarron – Drums on all tracks except It’s Alive!, The Living and the Dying, Things, Rumors in the Morgue, and Scream Bloody Dream. Check out Mikes awesomeness at Truly an amazing drummer! This album is not possible without him.

Doug Marks – Lead Guitar in Pound of Flesh panned left in first 2 “Verse Solo’s”. Doug Marks has been showing us how it is done since 1982 with his Metal Method licks programs.

Andee Blacksugar - Lead Guitar in Pound of Flesh panned left in “Bridge”, Final “Verse Solo”, and outro solo including fade out. Check out this monster guitarist at

Dan Mumm – Bridge Solo on Rumors in the Morgue. Ya' just need to see Dan to believe.

Mikey D – Bass on It’s Alive!

Nick Sanzeri – Bass on Grove 4 the Wild and Tin Man March

I’d like to extend a very warm thanks to all guest performers. It’s is such a privilege to work with such incredible musicians! Thank you tons!!

All music recorded and mixed at DJN Music Studio. My Monster, Tin Man March, and Groove 4 the Wild were mixed by Mike McCarron at Octagon Recording Studio. All drum tracks performed live by Mike McCarron were also recorded at Octagon Recording Studio.

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Dee J Nelson Chicago, Illinois

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Dee's also got another killer project right here on Check out iGod featuring the vocals of Andee Blacksugar (Blacksugar Transmission, Sheer Velocity). Andee also has some killer guitar spots as well.
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Track Name: The Living and the Dying
Dee J Nelson - All Guitars, Bass, synth & keys, drum programming, etc